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Intimate Lightening

Price: $130

Duration: 30 Min

Introducing our non-invasive Intimate Lightening treatment, Health Canada approved to address skin discoloration in intimate areas. This safe and gentle solution delivers remarkable brightening results for underarms, areola, bikini area, inner thighs, buttocks, neck, elbows, and knees.


Benefits of Intimate Lightening:
  • Skin brightening

  • Improves skin tone and firmness

  • Even, healthy and radiant complexion

  • Increased confidence

  • Immediate improvement

  • Relieves dryness

  • Quick and non-invasive

  • Safe for all skin types


What to Expect:

You can expect a gradual but noticeable improvement in skin tone. This gentle and effective process eliminates pigmentation irregularities, fostering newfound self-confidence in your intimate appearance. Feel your best from the inside out.

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