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Clinical Facials

At Skinnovation Laser Aesthetics, our Clinical Facials prioritize personalized care and outstanding results. We employ medical-grade skin care and advanced treatments to address your unique skin concerns. Each session begins with a thorough skin analysis and a detailed discussion of your concerns, laying the foundation for a customized treatment plan. Our commitment to your skin's health ensures that every clinical facial is a rejuvenating journey.


Benefits of Clinical Facials:
  • Minimizes acne and breakouts

  • Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles

  • Enhances skin texture and tone

  • Stimulates collagen production

  • Corrects sun damage

  • Optimizes product absorption

  • Customized medical-grade skincare solution

  • Reduces stress


Our Clinical Facial Collection:

Acne Clarifying Facial

Duration: 75 min

Price: $145

Effectively targets and treats acne-prone, oily, and congested skin to eliminate breakouts, reduce excess oil, and promote a clearer complexion. It may also help with reducing blemishes and preventing future


Brightening Facial

Duration: 75 min

Price: $145

Designed to brighten and even out the skin tone, this facial helps reduce the appearance of dullness, dark spots, and uneven pigmentation. It leaves the skin looking more radiant and refreshed.

Age-Defying Facial

Duration: 75 min

Price: $160

Tailored for mature skin, this facial addresses signs of aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of firmness. It promotes smoother, more youthful-looking skin and can enhance overall skin vitality.

Teen Facial

Duration: 60 min

Price: $100

Specifically created for teenagers, this facial focuses on promoting clear, healthy and hydrated skin. It includes educating them on essential skincare routines and habits. It may also address concerns such as hormonal acne and oiliness common during adolescence. Applicable for ages 13 to 17.

Back Facial

Duration: 60 min

Price: $180

Often overlooked, the Back Facial rejuvenates the skin on the back through deep cleansing, chemical or mechanical exfoliation, extractions if needed, a customized mask, LED light therapy and hydrating finishing products. It's beneficial for anyone dealing with back acne, dryness, or rough skin texture.

Mommy-to-Be Belly Facial

Duration: 60 min

Price: $130

Tailored for expectant and new moms, this 60-minute facial is crafted to keep the skin moisturized and maintain elasticity during the various stages of pregnancy. Specifically designed to minimize stretch marks, relieve dryness, soothe itchiness, and promote skin tightness postpartum, this facial ensures both practical care and a delightful experience. Because feeling fabulous is a priority for every mom-to-be!

Contouring No-Tox Facial

Duration: 75 min

Price: $160

Experience our exclusive Contouring Facial featuring Argireline, a Botox-mimicking peptide powerhouse targeting fine lines and wrinkles. This advanced treatment prevents deepening expression lines by influencing nerve-to-muscle communication, relaxing the facial muscles. Gentle pressure activates the lymphatic system, removing toxins and boosting collagen production for improved hydration and skin firmness. Complete the experience with a custom Hydrojelly Mask and LED light therapy. Perfect for a radiant glow before a night out!

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